Emerald Ash Borer

Symptoms of

Emerald Ash Borer


• Dieback in tree canopy

• New sprouts forming from the tree's base

• "D" shaped exit holes

• Woodpecker damage

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) outbreak has homeowners wondering what to do with their trees.  Acorn Tree Service has the expertise to advice homeowners as to the proper treatment or the need for removal.


If you remove the tree or ignore the problem, you end up with the same result...  NO TREE.  If you treat the problem you end up with a healthy tree that will be on your property and increase your home's value for years to come.


Life Cycle of the

Emerald Ash Borer


   A.   The larvae live under the bark of the tree, feeding on the vascular cambium.

  B.  The larval feeding leaves 'galleries' under the bark that interrupt nutrient flow to the canopy and eventually kill the tree.

  C.  The adult is a small, metallic green beetle only 10-15 mm in length. The adult typically emerge around June, leaving D-shaped exit holes in the bark.  The adults feed briefly in the tree canopy before reproducing and laying eggs in the twigs and branches.

  D.  The larvae will start feeding in the branches at the top of the tree and work their way down.  The first symptom in an infested tree is dieback and in the tree canopy.

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